Phoenix Bail Bonds

Maricopa County Bail - How Bail Bonds Operate In Arizona Bail is a system that enables people accused of criminal activities to avoid of jail while they wait for trial. If you are arrested, you may be offered the choice to post bail, which normally requires paying a set amount of cash to the court. If you can not manage to pay bail, you can contact a bail bond company. The company will charge you a non-refundable charge (normally 10% of the bail amount) and post bail in your place. As soon as you have actually posted bail, you are free to go up until your court date. If you fail to appear for court, the court will keep your bail cash and provide a warrant for your arrest. Bail bond companies typically need collateral (such as your cars and truck or home) in order to ensure that you will stand for court. Sometimes, the court may allow you to post a surety bond instead of paying cash bail. A surety bond is similar to a bail bond, however it is posted by a licensed bondsman instead of a